Hebei Lvjoe Machinery Manufacturing Group Co.,Ltd
Gypsum Plant and Gypsum Equipment Manufacturer

Established in 1998, Hebei Lvjoe Machinery Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. is dedicated to developing and manufacturing gypsum and plaster processing equipment, offering professional architectural gypsum and plaster plant solutions. LVJOE consists of over 300 staffs, including 6 professorate senior engineers, over 20 senior and intermediate technicians, offers reliable professional solution services.
We offer all devices that are required in a architectural plaster or gypsum plant. We over 80 equip advanced modern manufacturing devices, including 2 double housing planing machines, 1 gantry milling machine, 2 boring machines, 3 50-type turning machines and several new CNC devices.

Hebei Lvjoe Machinery Manufacturing Group Co.,Ltd
  • Products & SolutionEstablished in 1998
  • Products & Solution45 plant projects (2011-2018)
  • Products & SolutionProduction power up to 50 million m2/year
  • Products & SolutionEngineering design
  • Products & SolutionOver 80 large-scale manufacturing devices
  • Products & SolutionOver 300 staffs
Products & Solution

Established in 1998, LVJOE is dedicated to developing and manufacturing gypsum and plaster processing equipment, we offer complete gypsum, gypsum board, gypsum block, etc. plant solutions and services.

    1. Plasterboard Plant
    2. Plasterboard Plant Plasterboard features lightweight, fireproof, heat and noise isolation, is widely applied in architectural engineering, suitable for dry construction, performs a good convenience and quality in engineering.
    1. Paperless Drywall Plant
    2. Paperless Drywall Plant For 20 years, LVJOE is dedicated to developing and manufacturing of gypsum and plaster architectural material production equipment. The paperless drywall plant is one of our classic solutions.
    1. Decorative Gypsum Board Plant
    2. Decorative Gypsum Board Plant We offer molded plaster wall panel plant solutions, production power 2 million ㎡/year-40 million㎡/year. Besides, we also offer various devices that would be applied in a molded plaster wall panel plant.
    1. Gypsum Block Plant
    2. Gypsum Block Plant We’ve developed semidry method gypsum block production line based on tradition methods to achieve better efficient. During the process, semidry gypsum injected into the cavity in a low water-powder ratio powder status.
    1. Natural Gypsum Powder Plant
    2. Natural Gypsum Powder Plant We offer a complete natural gypsum plant solution according to the location of your factory, plant area and market conditions. Production power of our plant is 20,000/ Year - 500,000 / year.
    1. Synthetic Gypsum Plant
    2. Synthetic Gypsum Plant We offer synthetic gypsum plant turnkey project service, plant production power 30,000 t/year- 500,000 t/year. We also provide device customization service, including designing, manufacturing and upgrading.